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Taking proper care of your vehicle is an important part of all our lives. We know how important your car is for you, from work to entertainment. While some maintenance is obvious, other problems are easy to overlook until itís too late. By taking your car or truck into our Austin auto repair shop for regular maintenance and tune ups you will be able to prevent any serious problems and keep your car in top shape.

Changing Your Fluids

The oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid in your car all need to be changed at regular intervals. While these intervals vary from car to car, the standard is between 3,000 and 10,000 for oil, 30,000 and 100,000 for transmission fluid, around 30,000 for power steering fluid, and at least every 2 years for brake fluid. By regularly changing your fluids you will significantly prolong the life of your vehicle, it will drive smoother, and you will be able to ensure that it is running at its best. If your car is under warrantee, you are required to perform these different maintenances within the manufacturerís recommended time frame or they will not honor your warranty if something goes wrong. If you donít know what the recommended time frame is, you can call our Austin auto repair shop and we can find out for you.

Fuel System Maintenance

Having your fuel injection system cleaned regularly will ensure that your vehicle runs properly. Over time deposits and build-up form inside your fuel pump and on the filter. If left too long, this buildup will prevent fuel from getting to the engine and your vehicle simply wonít start. At this point you will probably have to purchase a new fuel pump which can cost anywhere from $50-500 depending on your vehicle. By having your fuel system regularly cleaned and serviced you will be able to prevent this from happening. It is recommended that you have your fuel system cleaned every 36,000 miles or by the manufacturer recommended time.

General Check-up

Just as you regularly make doctorís visits, you should take your car into a shop at regular intervals to ensure that everything is running correctly. This is especially important if you are preparing to go on a long road trip. Because extended amounts of driving without a break can be particularly hard on your vehicle, especially if it is older, you should always take it in for a tune-up and inspection before hitting the open road.

Kwik Kar Southwest, Austinís auto repair shop, offers these services and more to make sure that your vehicle is performing to the best of its abilities. By regularly taking your car in for basic preventative maintenance you will ensure that you get the most out of the money you spend and always have a reliable means of transportation from point A to B.

Kwik Kar Southwest

At Kwik Kar Southwest we work diligently to provide superior service for you and your car. We are family owned and operated, and take a personal interest in getting to know our customers and their vehicle needs.

We offer complete car care, from oil changes and inspections to full mechanical repairs. Our professional staff includes ASE, L-1, Master mechanic expertise and trained automotive technicians. We are a AAA certified repair facility, with consistent, top tier AAA customer satisfaction ratings of 98 to 100%.

We are conveniently located in Southwest Austin on West William Cannon near Brodie. While your vehicle is being professionally serviced, relax with your family and neighbors in our lobby with a cup of coffee. Young children enjoy the adjacent playroom. Pet owners enjoy our private, fenced dog park. We also feature a shaded patio area in the back, just follow the path.

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