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Our Green Efforts

"Used Product Disposal" - All of our waste products oil, coolant, brake fluid, metals etc are either recycled, re-refined, or re-used in an environmentally friendly way.

"D-I-Y Oil" - We gladly accept Do-It- Yourselfer waste oil, filters, and coolant. This helps prevent ground water contamination and protects wildlife, particularly from coolant.

"Waste Water" - All of our wash down water, including mop water, in the bay and basement areas goes through a 4 stage process to treat the waste water prior to being released to the Austin sewer system.

"Thoroughly Drained Bottles" - All fluid bottles (bottled oil) go through a secondary re-draining process after use to ensure that the least amount of oil gets put into our landfills. Unfortunately we have not been able to find a recycler willing to take potentially contaminated waste. We stock a high number of oils either in tanks or drums to reduce the need for plastic containers.

"Water/microbe based parts cleaning" - Instead of using an industrial solvent for parts cleaning, we use a water and microbe based parts cleaner. It is better for the environment, safer for our employees, and works amazingly well.

"Xeriscaped Landscaping" - All of our landscaping is xeriscaped and is watered with a drip irrigation system. Each plant has its own drip nozzle, which reduces the required amount of water greatly. I know I do and I bet you would wish to have our water bill at home.

"Austin Clean Water Partner" - The City of Austin has recognized our environmental efforts and named us a "Clean Water Partner" (also called Austin Enviro Mechanic). We are one of 39 mechanical shops (which includes dealers) in Austin to receive this designation and we are one of only 3 lube centers in Austin to have received this designation.

"Trees" - We have been fortunate to have a beautiful creek side lot. With over 43 trees we have shaded picnic and patio areas in addition to a dog park.

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